Empowering the cannabis industry to RISE ABOVE in Youth Safety with proven solutions!


Our Mission

As more States and Countries move towards the legalization of cannabis, the need for safeguarding our youth is of critical concern and importance…

ResponsiTech is comprised of international experts with over 75 years of combined experience in online youth protection and safeguarding technologies established to address legislative, law enforcement and youth safety concerns around the progressive legalization of cannabis.

We have the solutions to help your business prevent illicit youth access, ensure your business is compliant with regulation, and doing it's part to safeguard youth.

ResponsiTech rises to the call with proven solutions!

Our Goals

Vision: To be the worldwide industry leader in youth safeguards and policy compliance.

ResponsiTech works with the Youth Safety Technology Foundation (YSTF), a 501c4 nonprofit organization. This Policy Council champions for the development of best practices, procedures, compliance, ongoing safety and social responsibility measures dedicated to safeguarding youth.


Safeguard youth from illicit access with proven and effective cutting edge technologies.


Safeguard industry with proven and effective cutting edge technologies.


Provide effective, practical and affordable industry solutions.


Enable industry to safely do business in the digital marketplace.


The Responsible Youth Safety Label is a filtering labeling system designed to safeguard against illicit youth access online.

We offer a comprehensive membership program in which sites are verified by spiders referring traffic to validate companies are in good standing and following proper protocols associated with the use of the proprietary safety label.

We provide a reporting mechanism and scrub reports against our comprehensive member database.



At ResponsiTech, we have the keys to unlock your company's potential with proven technologies that will allow your business to take advantage of the digital marketplace while protecting youth and complying with regulation.

ResponsiTech is here to help your business Rise Above these challenges and safely thrive in these massively expanding verticals.

ResponsiTech is the key master for your locked potential!


"I’ve known Joan and her youth safety effort since 2002. She helped established policies for online child protection for another marginalized industry.  I saw that these best practices along with monitoring its members sites and their other youth safety solutions helped protect the industry as much as these protected children"

- Daron Babin, CannabisRadio.com Chief Evangelist

"We are pleased to launch this strategic partnership with ResponsiTech in order to provide greater value to our members and to further the industry's efforts to keep cannabis out of the hands of minors. ResponsiTech is building a strong alliance of cannabis business leaders committed to youth safety and the development of a responsible adult cannabis industry from coast to coast. Through this partnership with NCIA, they are helping to drive the federal policy changes needed for the nation to finally reach the day when criminal marijuana markets are completely replaced by a thriving and regulated  by a thriving and regulated small business sector.."

- Aaron Smith, NCIA Executive Director

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