April 25, 2019 

ResponsiTech Authorized Channel Partner AgeCheck Addresses Need for Balance in Age Verification 

London, UK,  April 25, 2019 ResponsiTech Authorized Channel Partner AgeChecked addresses the need for balance in Age Verification.

While the Internet has revolutionised how children can learn and explore the world, it has also made it extremely challenging to monitor what they are accessing and who they’re communicating with. Protecting our children online has become of the highest priority to shield them from being able to view inappropriate content or age-restricted services. This could be anything from purchasing age-restricted goods, such as knives and alcohol to viewing cannabis content via social media and websites.

Of course, while parents have a great responsibility to safeguard their children, it’s almost impossible for parents to monitor exactly what they are doing online 24/7. The duty to keep children out of harm’s way and make sure they can’t access things they shouldn’t also lies with site owners.

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