JUNE 6, 2019

MobiusPay - First Merchant Processing Company Sponsor

LOS ANGELES (June 6, 2019) — ResponsiTech is pleased to announce that MobiusPay has become its newest Sponsor and one of the first merchant processing company to step up to an industry leadership role in the cannabis industry. 

ResponsiTech offer a suite of online youth safety technology and services that will enable the legal cannabis industry to thrive while ensuring that youth access is restricted.

MobiusPay is a merchant processing company that provides individuals and businesses the ability to offer global payment solutions to their consumers by using top of the line billing technologies as it has for over a decade. MobiusPay’s primary specialty is payment processing, but they also offer a wide array of business services that are entirely scalable; boutique or enterprise and everything in between. They understand the importance of being current with online trends, technology, risk management and fraud prevention, which is why MobiusPay delivers 24/7 reliable service by providing secure, fast and easy online payment solutions.

According to Mia Jennings, President and Founder of MobiusPay “I wanted to support ResponsiTech in their efforts to launch their online youth safety technology and services in the cannabis industry. I’ve known the Co-Founders for over 15 years and have seen the benefits of their policies and services to my clients in other high-risk, age-restricted industries. Their award-winning parental control filtering technology and monitoring of their member sites provides the risk mitigation that banks and credit card issuers need to do business with my clients. In addition to helping restrict underaged youth from websites, the optics also helps banks convince their boards to accept such clients. When I present a client application, it is noted that this client is going above and beyond in its effort to be compliant and a good corporate citizen. The potential in the cannabis industry is huge and will be a windfall for my industry. Most companies in the financial services are waiting in the wings preparing to jump once the US Federal government passes the SAFE Act which will allow banks to accept such clients.”

“Banks are inherently risk-adverse and have zero-tolerance policy against any illicit activity; especially when it relates to youth. It is a complicated and serious responsibility; one that compliance departments struggle with daily. Banks know that self-affirming age verification is inadequate. By combining proactive family-friendly business practices, site monitoring with a responsible level of industry support, companies like MobiusPay can feel more confident to offer their global payment solutions and demonstrate the leadership needed for this industry to grow” stated Joan Irvine, CEO and Co-Founder, ResponsiTech.

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ResponsiTech offer a suite of youth safety technology and services that will enable the legal cannabis industry to thrive while ensuring that illicit youth access is restricted. Among those solutions are: an industry standard parental filtering label so youth will be blocked from even accessing websites,  a state-of-the-art age verification technology that respects privacy while ensuring that only those above a specific age are verified; and age-restricted ad-buying and best practices so that youth is not accidentally targeted by marketing campaigns. These along with other solutions not only allow the cannabis industry to focus on its core business, but will also give banks, legislators and parents peace of mind over any concerns over online youth access is being taken seriously by the responsible cannabis industry. ResponsiTech assists companies in restricting illicit youth access and demonstrates the industry’s ability to self-regulate and comply with government restrictions with regards to youth safety. It helps shelter its members from regulatory threats, providing best practices for the international industry.