MAY 10, 2019 

ResponsiTech Joins Cannabis Business Leaders to Lobby Congress  

May 10 2019-- (Redondo Beach CA) Standard technological solutions to restrict youth access are a critical component for the safe expansion of cannabis legalization.

That's the message ResponsiTech will be delivering to Congressional representatives on May 21-23 when business leaders from the cannabis industry travel to Washington DC. As a member of NCIA, ResponsiTech will be attending the lobby days to ensure that lawmakers hear about the efforts in place to prevent youth access.  

One of the issues to make website labeling mandatory in the US is the fact that other countries laws do not apply internationally; thus, websites operated by foreign companies cannot be required to label with another country’s label. However, if international cannabis businesses, bloggers and influencers adopt a voluntary standard parental filtering label, industry self-regulation can accomplish what governments can’t. ResponsiTech is working with companies in Canada, Australia, UK and US to establish such an international industry standard as it did for other industries.

Joan Irvine, CEO & Co-Founder ResponsiTech stated, “Health Cana,da recently stated that "Are you 21" and Birth Date verifiers are not sufficient -- Based on our decades of experience with age gates in another industry, we definitely agree with this. We recommend a combination of a standard international parental filter and age verification. In fact, I will be meeting with several child protection groups to discuss this while I am DC.”

ResponsiTech has a suite of youth safety technology and services that will enable the legal cannabis industry to thrive while ensuring that illicit youth access is restricted. Among those solutions are: an industry standard parental filtering label so youth will be blocked from even accessing websites,  a state-of-the-art verification technology that respects privacy while ensuring that only those above a specific age are verified; and age-restricted ad-buying and best practices so that youth is not accidentally targeted by marketing campaigns.

These along with other solutions not only allow the cannabis industry to focus on its core business, but will also give lawmakers peace of mind that any concerns over online youth access is being taken seriously by the responsible cannabis industry.

ResponsiTech Co-Founder & CEO Joan Irvine has involved in online youth safety technology since 2002. She will be available to the media at that conference and the preceding day to answer any queries

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Joan Irvine 

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Responsible Internet Technology Company (ResponsiTech) provides a broad range of youth safety technology and services including state-of-the art age verification technology and age-restricted ad-buying services. ResponsiTech assists companies in restricting illicit youth access and demonstrates the industry’s ability to self-regulate and comply with government restrictions with regards to youth safety. It helps shelter its members from regulatory threats, providing best practices for the industry at large.