june 8, 2018

ResponsiTech CEO Talks Self-regulation and Youth Protection with the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA)

June 8, 2018 - (Redondo Beach CA) Responsitech CEO and co-founder Joan Irvine recently appeared on the official podcast of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) to talk self-regulation, youth protection and best practices.

"Business owners are usually too busy managing their core businesses to keep on top of all aspects of laws and regulations," she told the host of the program, NCIA Communications and Projects Manager, Bethany Moore, before outlining the work that ResponsiTech has been doing on behalf of the cannabis industry, with respect to youth safety.

Discussing compliance and self-regulation, the podcast delved into a range of critical topics including:

  • ResponsiTech's responsible youth safety (RYS) website label that will allow parental filters to block cannabis websites for youth

  • Age-restricted ad-buying so those under 21 aren't targeted with industry ads

  • Age verification technology and privacy

  • Best practice guidelines and the Youth Safety Technology Foundation (YSTF)

Joan also talked about her technological background and experience since 2002 within other industries with age-restricted products.

She brought that experience to bear when she stressed the need to engage all relevant groups in decisions, from lawmakers to law enforcement to industry leaders and technology experts – and highlighted several of them that are already engaged in ResponsiTech's work.

Joan also noted that there are no "tricks" when it comes to getting things right: it's important the authorities see that the cannabis industry has considered and is taking seriously all of their concerns.

ResponsiTech will formally launch at the NCIA's Business Summit and Expo in San Jose on July 25-27, where it will have a booth. In the meantime if you are interested in hearing more about what it is doing and planning, the NCIA podcast with Joan is available online and most podcast outlets -

For additional details, please contact: 

Joan Irvine 

P – 011 (424) 262 7204

About Responsitech

Responsible Internet Technology Company (ResponsiTech) provides a broad range of youth safety technology and services including state-of-the art age verification technology and age-restricted ad buying services. ResponsiTech assists companies in restricting illicit youth access and demonstrates the industry’s ability to self-regulate and comply with government restrictions with regards to youth safety. It helps shelter its members from regulatory threats, providing best practices for the industry.