MAy 3, 2018

Responsitech solves the age-old problem of online verification

(Redondo Beach CA) The expanding legality of adult-use cannabis in the United States has brought with it the need to increase youth safety to guard against illicit use – particularly when it comes to online activity.

As part of its effort to increase youth safety through technology, ResponsiTech has joined forces with AgeChecked, the leading age-verification company in the UK to provide secure and anonymous user accounts.

AgeChecked has developed a ‘verify once, use many times’ account-based system. Unlike identity verification companies, the technology maintains user anonymity and leaves no digital footprint behind. AgeChecked CEO Alastair Graham sat on the advisory committee of the British Standards Institute that recently published their Code of Practice on online age checking, which will assist in establishing global age verification standards.

With a global growth in legal cannabis use, access is no longer exclusively through health care professionals. Consequently, it is important for the industry to increase youth safety efforts to safeguard against illicit youth access.

AgeChecked will offer Responsitech members its age verification tools to help them verify the age of every customer. The tool integrates with ecommerce systems to prevent under-age transactions while maintaining a smooth user experience.

Graham explains: “As with age-restricted items such as alcohol or tobacco, cannabis retailers need to put measures in place both for youth protection and to protect their own reputation as responsible retailers. It is critical that they can demonstrate their efforts to comply with government regulations. Responsitech is playing a vital youth safety role in this industry and we are very pleased to be assisting the organization in its endeavours.”

Joan Irvine, CEO of Responsitech adds: “With the purchase of adult-use cannabis now legal in a number of states and countries by people 21 and over, the regulated industry must adopt genuine, compliant solutions to safeguard youth, and by doing so, meet their legal and ethical obligations.

Simply checking a box on a site stating that one is over 21 is not sufficient and will be questioned by authorities as it is with other age-restricted products.

“It is important that our solutions provide the appropriate protections, but do not compromise the security and privacy of the adults legally buying such products."

“Buying cannabis is still a highly sensitive topic. We selected AgeChecked to help us achieve our aim safeguarding against illicit youth access while fostering properly regulating sales of the product as it offers the highest levels of protection and security for customers and businesses, combined with anonymity and data protection.”

Fred Lane, lecturer and author in cybersafety, privacy and technology law, said: “the UK and Europe have given their citzens more rights to privacy in respect to their personal data than in the US, which is very important in today’s world where data breaches seem to be a daily occurrence.

ResponsiTech’s engagement with AgeChecked is consistent with the ResponiTech mission to engage ‘the best of breed’ to foster youth safety while supporting business.”

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About Responsitech

Responsible Internet Technology Company (ResponsiTech) provides a broad range of youth safety technology and services including state-of-the art age verification technology and age-restricted ad buying services. ResponsiTech assists companies in restricting illicit youth access and demonstrates the industry’s ability to self-regulate and comply with government restrictions with regards to youth safety. It helps shelter its members from regulatory threats, providing best practices for the industry at large.

About AgeChecked

Agechecked is service that provides online age checks for websites that sell age-restricted goods and services. The service combines many age checking methods into a single solution that is straightforward for businesses to integrate onto their websites. The service is fast and easy for consumers to use, with the majority of checks completed in under ten seconds. is global solution– online customers receive an age checking service that is optimised by geographic location, so merchants can meet their responsibilities wherever they are do business around the globe.