Expertise matters! 

ResponsiTech is comprised of international experts with over 75 years of combined experience in online youth protection and safeguarding technologies established to address legislative, law enforcement and youth safety concerns around the progressive legalization of cannabis.


Joan Irvine

Joan Irvine brings two decades of online child protection management and policy development for high-risk top-level domains. She successfully spearheaded the international award-winning Restricted to Adults (RTA) filtering label.

During her tenure at ASACP, she participated on several committees including the Financial Coalition Against Child Pornography and the Harvard Berkman Center Report on Online Safety. She headed advocacy and public affairs in the US, Australia and Europe for online youth safety.

At IFFOR she facilitated a council of international experts that included Nadine Strossen, First Amendment Law Professor at New York Law School and prior President of ACLU; Bob Corn-Revere one of the counsels for the Child Online Protection Act; and Fred Cate, Director of the Indiana University Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research.


Tim Henning

Tim Henning brings over two decades of experience in international online youth protection, technology and systems knowledge as well as extensive contacts with international governments, law enforcement agencies, and corporations. Tim created the technology behind the ASACP child exploitation tip line which has made very significant contributions to the fight against child sexual exploitation and child human trafficking over its 21-year history.

A digital forensics expert known for his technical insights, he interacts regularly with law enforcement, government representatives and other child exploitation tip lines internationally. Tim supervised the technical development and deployment of the international award-winning ‘Restricted to Adults' RTA label. He served as a member of the Financial Coalition Against Child Pornography and participated in its Analytics and Technology Challenges Working Groups. Tim participates in the Congressional Internet Caucus, State of the Internet and Mobile Internet and has participated in the Internet Safety Technical Task Force.

Tim is a contributor to the Digital Policy Alliance in the United Kingdom which is an effort to bring online age verification checks to all age-restricted products and services in the United Kingdom.


Alastair Graham

Alastair Graham is the Founder and CEO of AgeChecked, the online age verification solutions provider.

Alastair is an entrepreneur with over twenty years’ experience of launching businesses and solutions into regulated markets. Prior to founding AgeChecked, he spent ten years in the payments industry as co-founder of a prepaid card company and as CEO of a UK financial institution.

Alastair has been closely involved with the development of age checking legislation in the UK. He sits on the Digital Policy Alliance Age Verification and Internet Safety Working Group and on the British Standards Institute’s Steering Committee for the Publicly Available Specification on Age Checking.


Stephen Bugbee

Stephen Bugbee has worked with Alternate Health Canada and US-based cannabis companies for close to a decade, specializing in business management and operations in the technology sector. 

Stephen is a technology consultant who specializes in sales, marketing, business development, management and operations in the technology sector. His proven track record in taking companies to profitability is second to none. Stephen initially worked with many large brands in the entertainment space at the inception of the internet, assisting companies like Carsey Werner, King World and the Coca Cola Company to embrace early rich media technologies.

This was followed by helping Digital Island acquire Softaware, Sandpiper Networks and Exodus prior to preparing the company for the Cable and Wireless acquisition. For the past 10+ years Stephen has helped many companies reach heightened profitability in the cannabis sector. Currently Mr. Bugbee sits on the board of multiple cannabis businesses as well as has been influential in several CBD and cannabis start-ups; including Support Your Buds and he is President of CanaPass.

Vision: To be the worldwide industry leader in youth safeguards and policy compliance.

ResponsiTech works with the Youth Safety Technology Foundation (YSTF), a 501c4 nonprofit organization. This Policy Council champions for the development of best practices, procedures, compliance, ongoing safety and social responsibility measures dedicated to safeguarding youth.