March 26, 2019 

ResponsiTech Supports C.A.R.E. and Its Publication of “What’s Growing in Grandma’s Garden” 

Redondo Beach March 26, 2019 – ResponsiTech Supports C.A.R.E. and Its Publication of “What’s Growing in Grandma’s Garden”

Industry veteran, Executive Director of C.A.R.E. passionate advocate, and Grandmother, Susan Soares is publishing a book to help parents begin discussions about cannabis with their children. Her book “What’s Growing in Grandma’s Garden … a book to help grownups talk about cannabis with children” is beautifully illustrated and is written for parents to read to their younger children.

Transparency and education are important during the current paradigm shift as cannabis is becoming legal on a global basis. Parents have been taught how to talk with their children about alcohol, but don’t know how to discuss cannabis with their children. This can’t be avoided since there is not a day that cannabis isn’t a topic on TV news stations. But where does a parent start since for years cannabis was illegal and classified as a ‘gateway drug.’  It's time for grown-ups to have an honest conversation about cannabis.

Susan Soares became a passionate advocate of social justice and full cannabis legalization after experiencing the plant’s medicinal benefits nearly two decades ago after a severe spine injury. Soares became enraged that life-saving medicine is being withheld from suffering patients and started C.A.R.E. (, a nonprofit organization dedicated to Cannabis Awareness, Rallies, and Events. Soares says. “Nobody’s talking to their kids. And the kids are aware of what’s going on and if you hide it, you’re giving them such a bad message.”

ResponsiTech provides online youth safety solutions to the cannabis; including age gates to keep youth out of commercial websites. “This technology along with parents implementing parental filtering on their children's devises blocks children from even accessing websites/apps creates a mutual responsibility of both parents and businesses. Is it 100% - no, but nothing is -- except pulling the plug on the Internet”, states Joan Irvine, CEO & Co-Founder of ResponsiTech. “Another goal is to provide resources to parents to help them participate in educating their children in a responsible manner which is why we are so excited about Susan’s book.”

Please join ResponsiTech in supporting this good cause. Susan is raising money for CARE and your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps. The money raised will pay for an illustrator and for printing of hardback books. Please contribute at

About C.A.R.E

C.A.R.E. is a non-profit organization dedicated to cannabis awareness, research, and events. Through the production of educational events and lobbying efforts they enrich society by focusing ttention on the benefits of cannabis -

About ResponsiTech

Responsible Internet Technology Company (ResponsiTech) provides risk mitigation and compliance for online youth safety for the cannabis industry. It provides various levels of age gates to help companies restrict youth access and demonstrate the industry’s ability to self-regulate and comply with government restrictions. It provides a broad range of youth safety technology including monitoring its members’ websites and mobile applications for compliance to its best practices. Through its Authorized Channel Partners, ResponsiTech offers state-of-the-art age and identity verification and age-restricted digital ad-buying services.


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