February 27, 2019

ResponsiTech - Setting the Youth Safety Standard with Risk Mitigation

Medicinal and adult-use cannabis improves millions of lives across America and around the world. But like any medicine, safe and secure access to it by adults, for adults, is everyone’s responsibility. When children easily access cannabis industry websites, alarms ring out in law enforcement offices, governor’s mansions, regulatory agencies, and in class-action lawyers’ gilded boardrooms. Quite simply, you and your investors can’t afford to be that company. ResponsiTech is the unparalleled software solution that restricts access, mitigates risk, and improves youth safety.

Securing the Age Gate. Are You Compliant?

Clicking on an ineffective, unsecured Yes I’m 21 button opens the door to unwanted regulatory scrutiny. Don’t let it happen. Our proprietary, secure, and robust technology is the reinforced gateway that keeps children out while keeping you compliant.

ResponsiTech is more than the premier youth safety software company - we educate, monitor, and validate our members’ online compliance. Join us and be part of the youth safety standard that protects your company, your investors, and children everywhere.